Welcome to A.K. Tiles

“We are Unique, Quality is always our Priority”

A.K tiles is the manufacturer of cement handmade tiles with traditional craft method with many years experienced craftman.. Handmade cement tiles contain the story of the artisans and their feelings. It is fortunate that these skillful artisans together maintain and develop cement tile craft with traditional characteristics and long-standing cultural values, which many customers loving handmade products have been looking for. We have enough capability to meet any requirement about cement tiles.With wide product ranges of dimension shapes ,colors, speedy delivery, new solution in supply chain. With these advantages each customer will be satisfied with our services and product.We ensure that our product will have the highest quality and will be delivered to our customers in soonest time.

Welcome to A.K Tiles

Since we started work in 1974

For almost five decades, A k tiles is the manufacturer of top quality handmade cement tiles for use both in India as well as internationally. In 1974 A.K. Tiles pioneered the cement tiles industry which offers handcraft cement tiles from heritage to terrazzo all made with the same dedication to quality and design.

Our handcrafted tiles are made of using traditional process, which is produced by the traditional handcraft methods. We are manufacturing different types of cement flooring with a focus on constant product innovation and improvement. Heritage buildings and prominent locations around the country still retain their original floors even after decades of heavy use a testament to the quality and durability.

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We are exclusive
We situated near our raw material
We have our own laboratory where we can easily test raw material
We are not into outsourcing.
Every finished tile lot is tested in laboratory
We use imported colors which last longer than other.

Why cement handcrafted tiles are different from others?

They are ecofriendly handcrafted tiles
Connect with history ,historical background
Customize according to client requirement
Even the curring process is natural .Needs sun ,air,water to finish the tile designing
We need qualified artistic hands to manufacture these tiles,Random people can’t do it.
our product is highly durable and we can renew it by polishing.

What makes are tiles standout ?

Our tiles are neither printed nor painted, coloured cement materials are hand-poured into divider molds to create these patterns.

What are the benefit of using cement tiles ?

Cement is incredibly durable. Floors can last up to 100 years if
used and maintained properly.In addition to this, the tiles can be
polished a number of times during their life and will look as good as new each time this is done. Cement floors can take a lot of wearand tear, and can bear comparitively more load.They are perfect for high traffic areas.

Why are no two tiles same ?

Because of the traditional processes involved with the production of these tiles, slight variations such as small edge splinters, colour bleeding/smudging between elements of the pattern and surface scratches are inevitable.In addition, some tiles may have small crack or cobweb-like structures on them.This is perfectly normal and is due to the chemical process followed by cement.It is precisely these imperfections which give these tiles their distinct charm and natural appeal.

Care and Maintainance

Avoid using harsh chemicals, phenyl etc. Just use plain water, and most importantly, change the water often during the mopping process. This will keep the tiles clean and indeed, will ensure your tiles gleam more and more over the years.If you like, you may buy our soap solution and use a small capful in each bucket of water. A small bottle should last you a long time.

Our best team

Our team

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Web Designer

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Amanda Rich

Project Manager

Quality Policy

Our policy of ensuring customer happiness. We make sure delivery of product Right Quality, Right Quantity and at Right Time to customers. We Ensure our design remain current and our quality improves constantly.

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“To Design your Imagination” We always offer a handful value for money proposition with floors which last for lifetime. We seek for one stop solution in design,production and installation and maintainence. We offer new,easier and better solution to  refurbish floors. We build long term relationships with customers influencers-architect and interior designers.

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“Creativity is our inspiration” We add touch of class to mass market of flooring solutions. We aim for extraordinary floors with our innovative handcrafted decorative cement tiles. We appreciate customization according to customers to reflect thir very own design dreams.

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